Leland77.org E-mail Alias

In today's environment of electronic mail, spam, and the never ending effort to protect our privacy, we realize there may be some of you that will not want to publish your personal and/or business e-mail address on our web site.  To help protect your privacy while still providing a way for you to be contacted by your classmates, you may select the "Provide me a Leland77.org e-mail alias" check box on the registration form.  We will then provide an e-mail address of [email protected] which will be published in the directory and work as an alias to your personal e-mail.  In other words, any e-mail sent to your Leland77.org address will automatically be forwarded to your personal e-mail account (or whatever address you provide). Anyone sending e-mail to you @Leland77.org will not be able to discover your real e-mail address until and unless you choose to respond.  If you elect not to publish your e-mail address and not to have a Leland77.org alias, no e-mail address will be published for you in the directory.

If you have questions about how this works, please e-mail the [email protected] .

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